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Oct 19, 2014

I recently went to a hip hop class in my neighbourhood and it was such an eye opening experience. Dance teaches me so much about growth and learning.

Performing arts in general seems to demand perfectionism on the outside but I believe what we see on stage is grand accumulation of precious moments of failures. In those moments of failures, what happens is we muster up the courage to step out of comfort zone. It could be letting go of the thinking whether or not I’m doing better or worse than the person beside me or what it should look like in the mirror. Being with that one moment for just one move at a time puts us on a path of growth and learning. That’s when we connect with our body even in the presence of chatters in our head. As muscle memory takes over, we can be comfortable with sitting with failures.

Do you have any suggestions how to embrace failure? How can we fail better and learn better?

Lovely fall colours you know #toronto #ontario
Oct 17, 2014

Lovely fall colours you know #toronto #ontario